Sony Trinitron - after 3 years what new?

Hey all,

I am getting a new computer ( and probably a Sony CPD-E440 19" (18" viewing image) FD Trinitron, through cyberpower is ~$314 (US). Three years ago I got a Sony CPD-E200 (16" viewing image) for ~$380 at CompUSA. I'm wondering, is 2" all that has improved over the past three years? thx.

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  1. The 19" Sony CPD-G420S, it's better than the E440 and doesn't cost that much more if you can get a good deal ( or
  2. where could I find a review of this monitor? thx

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  3. I see it for around 400, 90 more than the one I can get of cyberpower, and the built in speakers are worthless to me, y do you recommend it over the one i listed? thx.

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  4. Forget that one, check out the Samsung SyncMaster 957mb, rated #1 budget 19" on

    $339 shipped
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