Computer turns on, no beep, no screen.

Hi all,
So I've actually been having this problem for a while, but have usually been able to work around it somehow. Basically what happens is when I turn my computer on there are no beeps of any kind and monitor says "no signal." Now the first time this happened I was convinced my video card had died and when out and got a new one and installed it but the problem persisted. So I began to unplug all the power cables inside the computer from the power source to the different drives/devices, and plug them back in. Somehow this (temporarily) fixed the problem for about 2 weeks. But now the same problem has come up and it seems no amount of cable finagling is working. There was a CMOS error that popped up a few times before things went south I'm beginning to think it has something to do with that. Could it be that the CMOS battery is the culprit? I'm not sure what to think anymore...please help!
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  1. Hi dvaldes21!
    There are two culprits to your problems one is either the CMOS battery has died.I am not sure i know how much one cost in the US but it should be around 3~4dollars second we have the psu.It is very expensive.I would perform a change in the cmos battery first and see what happens.
  2. I concur, it's either a new battery, or a new PSU.
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