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i have 2x2gb of RAM on my mother board but when i got to check the RAM by checking the properties of my computer, it is showing on 2.50gb of RAM instead of 4gb..... why and how i will fix this...

Thank you

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  1. Hello Ricky,

    Is your Windoes x32bit?
  2. If yes, that is the reason.
  3. i am using windows xp sp3 32bit,
  4. That is the reason, x32bit version can address only up to 3.25GB of RAM,

    and if u have an integrated graphics, it will take that much more.
  5. when i purchased this unit it is cleary showing 3.something GB, but after i re-installed the windows, know it was showing only 2.5gb, any technical explanation? i am using intel(r)core(TM)2 Quad CPU is x64bit application and windows will run with this specs?
  6. Can u go to msconfig and adjust the RAM there in the Max memory to 3GB...

  7. Thanks for the time and for the info you had given me, may the force blessed you Mr. Moderator.....
  8. I hope it helps, sometimes people have this problem : )
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