Need a new graphics card for an older machine

Hi everyone, I have an older Dell XPS machine (about 4 years old). It currently has 4 GB of RAM and is running a Radeon X850. I'd like to upgrade to the most powerful graphics card I can without changing out the power cables. Right now the x850 has a single 2x3 power cable feeding in.

I can spare two PCI slots and a single 2x3 power cable. What's the best graphics card I can get that will run on the system without additional customization. Cost isn't a real issue for me.
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  1. Is your x850 AGP or PCIe?
  2. I think it is PCIe. How do I tell? It's the longer of the two slots in the motherboard.
  3. Need to know the exact model of your Dell system. The PSU is going to dictate what you can upgrade to. If I were you, I would upgrade the PSU and put a real video card in that system. If you try to limit your options based on a 300 watt low end psu you will be missing out on what you could have upgraded to and that would be a shame.

    It will partially be dictated on what cpu you have so the first thing we need to know is the exact model of the system you are upgrading so we can match up the hardware more effectively...
  4. It is a Dell XPS Gen 5
    Pentium 4 3.6 GHZ
    4 GB RAM DDR2
    Win XP SP3

    I prefer not to replace the power supply because frankly I don't know how to do that, whereas I can pretty easily replace the graphics card as long as the existing 2x3 power cable works in the new card.

    I really appreciate the help.
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