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I'm a little confused.I just bought an Asus EAH5770 graphics card.I installed the drivers and software from the disc that came with it.I then went to the AMD website to download the latest driver.After doing so CCC wouldnt start.I uninstalled CCC and drivers and then used Driver Sweeper to make sure I got eveything off.Downloaded and installed CCC from AMD website again.CCC would start but 3D and overdrive options were missing.Are the CCC and drivers from AMD compatible with my card?I'm asking because Asus website does not have any recent updates.Latest one I think came out in September of 2010.What gives guys?
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  1. Welcome to owning an ATI/AMD video card. :)

    So long as you've installed the proper version for your operating system (Windows) you should have the right drivers. I never use the drivers released on the manufacturer's site as they're always out of date.

    However, if the latest ATI driver doesn't work for you I'd suggest downloading the next older driver to see if that works. Do so until you get on that's stable. Later, if/when ATI releases a newer version you can try that to see if it fixes your earlier problem.
  2. make sure your windows is up to date, particularly .net updates, as CCC sometimes requires these to work properly. Use the WDM ati drivers if you can.
  3. Well I DL'd and installed driver 8.67 from Asus website and CCC is working now.I was just curious if the drivers on the AMD site would work with my card.I don't see why they wouldnt but it gave me problems when I DL'd and installed from AMD.I guess I should've went with my gut feeling and bought an Nvidia this time since I've had problems with ATI cards before.Oh well maybe I'll take this p.o.s. back and get something different.
  4. Did you install all 3 parts of the catalyst software?
  5. Yeah I installed the 10.12 catalyst software suite
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