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I'm trying to install a new Galaxy GeForce 210 512mb video card into my desktop. I haven't gotten real far as I install the card into the computer and start the computer. The fan is working for the card (telling me it works) however, there is no video to output. My monitor simply says "No single Check video Cable" I tried putting the vga from the monitor into the old slot and new video card slot but nothing happens. Is there something I am missing here that I need to do? I appreciate the help.
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    Remove the card, was there a card there already that you replaced? If no then take out card plug monitor cable back into computer's monitor output, go into BIOS and other video or something there should be an option to disable the onboard GPU if the system detects one in the PCI-E slot.
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  3. Thank you that got me to the right direction so that I could find out how to disable the on board graphic card. Much appreciated.
  4. Common mistake, I avoided it the first time thanks to PNY providing handy manual instructions in how to get the card working.
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