Radeon HD 5670 DDR400 compatible?

I have a asus k8v-mx motherboard and i currently have a nivida geforce 6200 im wanting to upgrade my videocard i want to play your css and so on easily i saw the Radeon HD 5670 and im wonderin if its compatible with my motherbboard and so on.
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  1. Is this your motherboard?
    Unofruanatly if that's your mobo,it does't have any PCI-Express x16 slots.So it cannot run any new/modern graphics cards.

    You can however, get this card Radeon 4670

    It's around the same performance as the 5670 and should have no problem maxing out CS:S and other Source/Steam Games.

    Plz list your full system specs including your powersupply(make/model).And what resoultion your monitor is.Also your budget.
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