How will gtx 570 gpu work on this pc

i am thinking about buying gtx 570
i know i am going to have some bottlenecks
i want to know how big they are going to be
also can bottleneck do damage to any part of pc
and how big improvement is gtx 570 going to be over
9800 gtx considering bottlenecks
also is my PSU good enough
my pc is
CPU:q6600 2.4 Ghz
RAM:8gb 800 mhz
PSU:COOLER MASTER SILENT PRO 600W (on 12+ have 40a)
OS windows 7 ultimate 64-bit
i am useing 1920x1080 res
if you need any more info just ask
and sorry for bad english
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  1. The PSU will handle the GPU, the 570 isn't that much of a power hog. Bottlenecks won't hurt the PC just game performance. The 570 is going to be a big improvement, you're going to get DirectX 11, a 40nm chip, and probably more video RAM. I don't know how much of a performance there's going to be but it will be noticeable in modern games.
  2. Should attempt to O.C. your prossesor, 2.6ghz is slow for a GTX570.And you won't be able to use it's full potentional if your prossesor is under 3.2ghz.I would say your CPU is the only limiting factor,everything is fine.

    No,a bottleneck cannot hurt the PC physically, only in performance.Your CPU will bottleneck the graphics card.
  3. how big bottleneck cpu is going to be if not O.C
    and can it make this GPU worst then 9800gtx
    (i know that gtx 570 is mach bettter then 9800 gtx butt can bottleneck be so big to make it worst).
  4. Your going to get a lot more performance than the 9800gtx but how far the 570 can go will be limited by how fast your CPU is.
    Their is no way it can be worse than the 9800gtx,it is just unable to unleash it's full potential.
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