Computer Not booting up.Maybe MotherBoard Issue...

A couple of weeks of ago a bought a new psu and new graphic card. everything was working fine until 2 days ago Windows freeze up, and so i reboot it. now it wont reboot, the monitor gets no signal and it just stays there. So im thinking its the graphic card causing this, so put back my old graphic card and still nothing. if i unplug the disk drive from sata port, then the computer finally start working. i put back the new graphic card in , to see if it works as well without disk drive plugged in , but it wont . So the only thing that is booting up , is with the old graphic card, and hard drive plugged in only.

Is the motherboard crapping out?

Motherboard - MZN78-LA (violet) motherboard.
Amd Phenom(tm) II X4 Processor 2.4 Ghz

6gb ddr3 memmory

PSU - Corsair Modular TX650M

VGC - Asus Amd HD 6770 1gb GDDR5
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  1. I would try swapping in a different PSU.
  2. That PSU should be fine, but it sure seems like it mightn't be. So you can't even get into the BIOS?
  3. After waiting the next day ,Some how it started working again., What i did was, use one of the other sata cable there and plugged into the hard drive and everything booted up again even with the new graphic card.

    very strange, because , the day before, i couldnt get the harddrive to work with my old psu , that i had before this new one.

    im replacing the psu i recently bought with another since its still under waranty
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