9800gt no post HELP!!!!

I have a EVGA Akimbo 512mb 9800gt that I want to put in my computer, but every time I do I dont even get the post "beep" or a bios screen or anything, my specs are as follows , AMD PII x2 555 be O/c and U/L to x3 3.7, Asus M4A88T-M motherboard, Corsair XMS 3 1333mhz 4gb, Apevia 680w power supply. Everything works just fine if I us the onboard video and even when I was using the 5570 for video it did just fine, But now I try and install the 9800 and everything powers up and the fan on the card spins and the hard drives spin and everything sounds like its gonna work but no video or post "beep" my motherboard doesnt have a way to shut off the onboard, cause when I used the 5570 I just had to install it and it shut off the onboard on it own. So my question is this does anyone have any suggestions as I have updated bios tried installing drivers first but it wont let me as it "doesnt find nvidia hardware" but I cant even get to the bios using the card, Ive been told the power supply possibly and another person said the card is bad. Is there anyway of doing an at home test as I have tried it in another computer using the same hardware as mine and it didnt work in it either. Oh and windows 7 pro 64 bit in case that helps
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  1. Since it didnt work in another tower it
    really sounds like a dead card.
    I would RMA yet if possible.
  2. Hey thanks king smp. I was kinda thinking the same thing, just hoping I was wrong and that maybe it was the power supply being that the specs of the ps are it has two 12v rails and one produces 22amp and the 24amp and the specs on the card list it needs 26 and since the ps was pushing 46amp total I figured that would be fine as I dont know much about ps rails and such, but I could always rma and try a new card as that is probally whats going on.
  3. EVGA has 24 hour customer support 2nd to none. Call them, they will be able to walk you through troubleshooting and set up an RMA if necessary.

    That is, if you registered your card within 30 days of the original purchase...
  4. Thanks englandr753. Yea I registered it within the 30 days but I will just do an exchange thru Tiger Direct being that its just been a few days and I have called EVGA and they thinkit is the power supply not providing enough amps to allow the computer to post and as I stated earlier the power supply in my wifes computer is the same 680 dual rail setup( shhh dont tell her I tried it tho) lol Well I might have a buyer for my emaxx and I am trying to hold out to do the rma so I can buy a new and better power supply at the same time so as to eliminate that possability in the process
  5. No problem. If EVGA is correct, ordering this should fix that problem:

    What are you going to exchange that card for? Another 9800GT? Sounds like you will get the same results if thats the case...
  6. Thanks again. Yea for the moment I'm just gonna exchange for another 9800gt and at the same time buy this PS

    Do you have any suggestions on a good sli Amd board I found these two and I'm leaning towwards the 3-way but I have never had anything but ASUS

    Thanks again for all your guys help here I think I'm really gonna like being a part of this community
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    No problem and your welcome,

    This psu is much better than the one you have selected:

    It can handle more than the 750 watter by coolermaster. Corsair psus are under rated and they actually are on the avg 100 watts higher than the labeling.

    If you want a 750 watter, you can pay 10 bucks more and get this one:

    As for the motherboards, either you have selected looks like a decent option.
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  9. Sounds like you got your answer but I just wanted to add that I purchased the same graphics card from Tiger Direct and I'm having the same issues. I'm pretty sure the card is at fault, I put my old 6800GT and no issues.

    My power supply is a Antec True Power Trio TP3-650 650W ATX12V with Three 12V Rails. Calling to get it exchanged.
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