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Last month I was burning a dvd with some photos and all of a sudden my computer went into like hibernation (which i had turned that option off) anyways I shut it down and when trying to start it up it went through 3 second power cycles (turning on turning off) not ever giving a signal nor post. So after reading different forums I thought maybe it was a bad motherboard, bad psu, bad memory, etc. So I first bought a new psu (nothing), then new memory (nothing), then I bought a new motherboard (nothing) I didnt think it could be the CPU seeing the fans turn on and the CPU does get hot, i thought if the CPU was dead the motherboard wouldnt start period, now I have a new motherboard, new memory, and a new psu, but the problem still is the same thing. I checked to see if the cpu was fried but I dont smell nor see anything. Someone told me to try a different heatsink, but if i have to buy a new cpu they come with one.

What others told me was :
1. Try a different power cable (didnt do anything)
2. Take it out of the case and put it on a wood table making sure there isnt a short (nothing)
3. Reset the CMOS (will try that but this is brand new and I havent been able to get a signal so I have no componets hooked UP)

Any ideas?
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  1. Easter egg the ram. try one stick then another.
    When you say the CPU gets hot, what temps are you talking about?

    A comprehensive list of components and how long you've had them (old vs new) would be helpful. Also let us know what you've done including BIOS and software updates. Thanks.
  2. I am going to try and use each stick per slot there is 4 slots so maybe something will click, and I am basing the heat to as of touch. I've always thought it the CPU didnt get hot that meant the cpu just was dead.
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