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I think my cpu is dead...
I have replaced every other component out with a working alternative, and still my pc wont boot. It turns on for a split second, then immediately turns off, every 3 or 4 boots, it gets a bit farther along and the HDD spins and then everything cuts out. I tested the HDD in another PC and it booted...

Swapped out PSU, disconnected all unnecessary accessories and still it does the same. No warning beeps or anything. XFX 750i mobo and C2D E7200. I used to run the CPU at about 3.1Ghz before I swapped out for a C2Q, could it be fried after going unused for almost a year?

I RMA'd my C2Q that was dead, but they claim to not have received it and I think USPS lost the package. Bought for $130 a year ago and now it's lost, so I tried to use this cpu.
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  1. Sounds more like the motherboard is dead, CPUs rarely just die like that. Also you could just pop out the CPU and try booting... it probably won't do anything.

    I don't quite understand your C2Q story though. How do you know it was DOA? Your overclocked E7200 could have caused the issue, especially if you didn't go back to factory defaults upon installing the C2Q, in which case it might have tried running it at the higher clocks and voltages, etc, and blown the mobo.
  2. The 750i has a cmos reset switch, which I used before installing the C2Q.

    The C2Q is physically damaged, that's why it does not function properly.

    The funny thing is I also tested this chip with another motherboard and the same thing happens.

    When the E7200 was overclocked it was well within the voltage max anyways, just enough to have a 600Mhz OC from stock.
  3. Well that's extremely rare to have not just 1 but 2 CPUs be bad. I've never even heard of 1 before, it's almost always mobo.

    I guess you can go through all the options to make sure. Try taking out all but 1 stick of RAM and then swapping the 1 stick in there. You already know it's not PSU or HDD. After that, well, could be CPU could be mobo. You might try removing the CPU and see if the exact same thing happens if you try booting. Also, check the CPU and socket for any bent pins or signs of damage.
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