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Hello, I've landed myself in a terrible predicament. I made my computer 2 years ago, and it's been working just fine those 2 years, no problems.
780w OCZ PSU. Q9550 CPU @3.7-3.91 GHz under custom koolance water cooling chain and 2x radiator. Temps under 65c and voltage under 1.43 at all times. DDR2 water-cooled OCZ RAM @ 1150 MHz and under stock voltage. 2x Radeon 4870 1GB. p45 mobo.

The situation is as follows. It works fine, I turn it off, it doesn't start the next day. The mobo has power going to it, there is power to the CPU, the water cooling radiator was bypassed to see if that was defective(because the power switch goes through that first) there is power to the USB ports, as since I turn the power switch on on the back of the psu, my thumb drive blinks.
This happened a few days ago as well, but I was able to get it going again after taking it apart and putting it back together again. Nothing was changed, it just started working again. I did the same thing today, but that didn't do the trick. I also checked for burnt connections, popped capacitors, and anything discolored inside the PSU. Nothing seems wrong.
Also checked the wall socket, just in case there was a voltage or amperage problem with that. Bypassed the cpu power cable just in case (my psu came with a secondary 4+4 cpu cable for some reason) and that was useless. Tried different combinations with the cpu power cables as well. 1 4pin in one side, or the other, 2 4 pins in both...

Nothing... Any suggestions would help. Thanks.
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  1. This is the case power button that doesn't work?
    Broken switch? Loose cable at switch or motherboard header?

    Can you start the computer bypassing the case switch?
    How To ByPass A Case Switch
  2. The case switch is functional. As I stated, the mobo light and the usb drive light both turn on when I switch it.
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    sounds like either

    1.mobo failure
    2.psu failure
  4. Would a failed PSU or Mobo work, fail, work, then fail again? I'm not as intimate with electronics as some, but from what I know, if an electronic stops functioning, it does so until you fix it.
  5. I had an old biostar board that did this...yeah my board was work sometimes but always ended failing in some way and it eventually just died out...ESD can make a IC die slowly as I understand
  6. It's a faulty PSU. Can't say I blame it. It's been powering it's exhaust through a water cooler radiator for 2 years, and pretty much running at 110% the last year.
    WR2, I just now read your post correctly. I tried bypassing, and it's a no-go.
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