Building my fist computer, need some advice!

I am building my own system, and was wondering if this spec is any good?

Already Have

Case - Alienware Area 51 ALX
PSU - 1.1/1.2 KW
Motherboard - "MS-7543" It supports LGA 1366
Sound - Integraded 7.1 Surround Sound

Need to get & Install

CPU - Intel 980x - £636 (Overclocked if possable)
CPU Cooling - Corsair H70 Water-Cooling CPU Cooler - £ 80 (Or equivalent)
Graphics Card - Radeon HD 6990 4GB - £520 (Overclocked if possable) (Or equivalent)
RAM - Corsair Dominator 12288MB 3x4096MB 1600MHz - £126
SSD - OCZ RevoDrive 100GB X2 PCIExpress Solid State Drive - £300
HDD 1 & 2 - X2 1 TB Seagate Barracuda - £ 80
Gamer Card - BigFoot Networks Killer 2100 Pro Gaming Network Card - £ 62
Optical Drives- LG Blu RAY ROM and a LG DVD/CD RW - £ 70
Card Reader - 19 in 1 or 50 in 1 Card Reader - £ 30

Will I be able to overclock the system (And it still be stable)?

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  1. .... Critiques.
    I'm critiquing everything.

    1. 980X loses to the 2600K, why would you pay for something that is so much more runs hotter and still only performs the same. It's like 700$ more in the US.

    2. H70 is a terrible price/performance cooler. It's loud, clunky and not even real water cooling. Your better off with some good thermal paste and a Hyper 212+.

    3. 6990 is terrible. I'm sorry, but it was a huge let down since in comparison to SLI 570 it couldn't hold its ground. I wanted to like it but I just cant. You're better off doing CF 6950 or SLI 560 Ti. Plus it runs way to hot and just not very power conservative.

    4. Revodrive vs Vertex 3 has barely any difference. I'm referring to the first generation. From SSD to PCI SSD your not going to notice a difference, it defiantly doesn't justify the price premium.

    I'll just leave it at that. Your build costs more than the builds in my siggy, but easily newer builds than only cost 1500$ US could top your build no offense. Your going to have to do a bit more research not to be a troll or anything.

    i7 980X vs i7 2600K

    6990 vs 570 SLI

    Vertex 3,2869.html
  2. thanks for that,

    CPU, i think im going to stick with, let pretend that money is not the issue, lets say iv got about £2600 to spend, i just want a system that runs smoothly, extremely fast, high performance, with unbeatable graphics.

    The graphics card i would be willing to change, any more suggestions?

    As for the SSD, i have taken a look at your link, what would you suggest?

    The CPU cooling system i really want to go for a water cooling system what would you suggest?

  3. I still wouldn't get the 980X even if I had a huge budget. The 980X loses to the 2600K in almost ALL areas, plus the P67 would allow me to upgrade to the next cpus. Z68.

    If you stayed with the 980X you wouldn't be able to upgrade, while with the 2600K you could upgrade to Z68 the next replacement for X58. So no I still wouldn't go with the 980X even with your budget.

    GPU - 560 Ti SLI or 6950 2GB CF would kill anything. 6850/6870 CF is pretty good as well.

    SSD - Vertex 3 is really sweet but will be released soon. Sadly around next few months. Not sure on the date.

    Cooling - If you take my advice and get the 2600K, you will not need water cooling to get high overclocks. However if you have the dedication and the willingness to learn to water cool. You can do so. However you should be wary, much management comes with the water cooling. You have to change the fluid every few months (3-6) and you have to check leaks and buy fittings. Easily a fully looped system can cost up to 500-1000$ US.

    You need to understand the basics as well. I suggest making another thread in the cooling section.
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