XFX Geforce 260 Black Edition no picture (out of nowhere)


My problem is that my XfX Geforce 260 Black edition is not giving me any picture anymore. The fan is running at 100% speed but nothing happens no picture.
Right now the PC is running over the onboard Graphics.

Motherboard: M4A785D-M
Ram 4gb DDR2 KLngston
Graphics card: XFX Geforce 260 Black Edition (not overclocked)
CPU: Amd Athlon II x4 630
and 2 Sata HDDs

I started my PC up like normal and noticed no internet so i restarted the router and after 3-5 seconds the picture went black.

Also got this error in the event log a bit after.

A fatal hardware error has occurred.

Component: AMD Northbridge
Error Source: Machine Check Exception
Error Type: HyperTransport Watchdog Timeout Error
Processor ID: 0

The details view of this entry contains further information.
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  1. Did a memtest just to get this out of the way and 0 errors.
  2. Remove the GPU clean the fan and the contacts, then, put it into the other PCIe Slot and restart the machine......
    That should solve the problem, also, when you insert and start the pc again, make sure it starts in safe mode. Remember to change the BIOS setting for Primary Graphics adapter to PCIe.
    The reason for this could be the overheating of the NB & SB leading to driver corruption, check for temps of the NB&SB when running the rig.
  3. Didn't work, Fan still running constant at 100% (Which is very loud) and it wont show anything in safe mode or normal windows. Or that there is something in the slot at all. Oh and i only have one slot to put it in ;p.

    I had problems with oveheating before with this card, so i used rivatuner to adjust the fan speed to the heat it produces. At metro2033 or Final Fantasy XIV it peaked at 85c-90c which caused a crash (obviously). Did the rivatuner change 2-3 Month ago and it was steady at 50-70c under heavy load.

    btw the pc is running Windows 7 Ultimate if that matters.
  4. Have you got another rig in which you could test that card?
    If yes, try it out in it ...... or else get ready for a RMA.... :( if it's still in the warranty period.....
  5. heh warranty cute :P of course not ^^.

    Thanks for confirming what i suspected from the start. One question, how can i prefend it from happening again when i put in a new card? And any suggestions for a new one? Price range 100-130pounds? Or should i rather just look around myself or open a new threat for this?

    Thanks for your help :)
  6. I think that its a motherboard problem, else why do you get AMD Northbridge errors? Check that card in another computer before RMAing the card.
  7. I can't check the card on another PC :/. I read that Asus boards get this error quite a lot and that its coupled with freezings/restarts etc. Nothing of that happend to me (yet) also that was the first time i saw this error (just checked again).

    Is there any way to test this or just contact Asus?
  8. Managed to get a 2nd PC to test the card and it was still black and the fan is still going apes""t. I also did some stress tests on the cpu etc. All came back with no errors, same with event viewer no further northbridge errors.

    Any other tests i can run to make sure?
  9. In that case the card is no longer working properly. Get a new card.
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