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Duel channel motherboards with Quad Channel Kit

Hi just wondering

Is this memory compatible

with this motherboard

If the combination doesn't work, can I use buy two of these and use it with the motherboard for a total of 16GB ram?

First time building a computer.

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  1. It should work just fine, but you will only be running in dual channel.

    For the most part when a memory kit is sold as a triple, or quad channel kit it just means that it contains three or four matched sticks of ram.
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    On the same page:
    "16GB (4x4GB) for dual channel DDR3 Intel and AMD processors"

    so yes, it should be compatible.
    also checked the specs on both links, and the type/speed are compatible.

    You are good to go (as far as this specs)
    Note: 16GB is the limit on this motherboard, which is good, but you won't be able to upgrade the ram any further. (trust me 16GB should be more than enough)

    make sure that you choose a 64Bit OS, 32Bit won't recognize the ram.

    Also if you want to upgrade in the future, I notice that the board is a MICRO board, meaning you won't have much room if any for expansion.

    This is OK as long as you understand that.
    If you wish to have more flexibility in the future, then I would choose a different motherboard, ATX (rather than MICRO ATX) usually have more room for expansion.
  3. Yes that memory should be compatible with that motherboard.

    Quad channel kits are usually just mean they work well together and have all the same CAS settings (and everything else).

    So your first 2 options are good.
  4. It is always better to get ram from the mobo manufacturer memory support list to avoid problems should you need RMA.

    For your mobo get a kit that is in the list like G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB)
  5. OK. Thanks everyone
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