New 2600K build/ Just sharing/ Thanks for looking

Finally I got my motherboard and got the beast assembled.

Antec Neo Eco 620 PSU
Corsair 600T
Intel Core i7 2600k @ 4.5GHz
2x4G G-skill Ripjaws 1333
Arctic freezer Pro Rev 2
Samsung 1Tb
WD 640 Black
8800GT that i fixed via oven bake, will upgrade to 6 port ATI 5870 Future will be 6 monitors soon.
DvD burner on the way, sold mine to a customer day before build.
Internal USB PCI card so all my front USB work.
SSD 128G Plextor PX-M2 on the way/ Cant wait.
Possible better cooler for higher Overclock. Undecided 4.5 seems plenty so far.

Going to get some sleeving and a black sata cable and tidy up the cables a little more.

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  1. Nice! I agree 4.5 is plenty fast, mine does it with Hyperthreading on 1.3v with a Scythe Mugen 2 Rev. B cooler. Yours?
  2. Awesome! Are you seriously going to use 6 monitors when you get an HD 5870?
  3. Bios is set @ 1.28 hyper threading on, arctic freezer rev 2. You can see in the screenshot all 8 pumping.

    Yup as soon as I can afford six.
  4. Wow, imagine how games would look spread over six displays
  5. I will play a couple games, but mostly will be used for multitasking.

  6. 628FPS avg converting a 700Mb Divix to DvD, holy cow!!!!!!! My old 3.5 core 2 did like 194FPS.
  7. daship said:

    628FPS avg converting a 700Mb Divix to DvD, holy cow!!!!!!! My old 3.5 core 2 did like 194FPS.

    Lol I upgraded from an E8400 so I know what you mean. Even at 4GHZ the E8400 seems slow compared to this 2600K.
  8. I hear ya, I cant wait to get my SSD this week.
  9. UPDATE****

    Got the SSD.

    Windows boot time 8.9 seconds. Ya baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 8.9 seconds? That's pretty awesome
  11. Wow man. My OCZ Vertex 2 120GB ( the first gen 34nm one not the buggy new one) boots in 11.891 sec. 8.9 is screaming. What drive you got?
  12. 128G Plextor PX-M2 I love this baby screams. ATTO benchmark is right on with the 420Mb/s advertised speeds.

    I plan on getting the OCZ 3 when it arrives but I got tired of waiting.
  13. No wonder, that thing is impressive.
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