Q9400 with a gtx 590

my name is Lucas, I am from Argentina and I´m going on a trip to Europe in a few days and of course I am a really big fan of computer stuff. I´ve got a gigabyte motherboard (ga-p35-ds3l) with an intel cpu q9400 and 4gigs of ram (ddr2) and an ati 4890 (1gb). I have a kinda small budget so I was thinking about buying a new gpu. I like the gtx 590 or the gtx 580, but I wanted to ask you guys if there will be any bottlenecking if I get one of those and put it with my q9400 working at 2,66 ghz. Thats all. If you have a better idea, let me hear it. Thanks
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    Small budget...with a $500 card? You must be misquoting either your budget or your GPU of choice.
    That processor would bottleneck the hell out of those cards, which are two of the best in the world.
  2. Sorry for not saying anything about the budget. I only have 500 euros to spend on computer stuff so that´s the thing. It won´t be enough to change the whole system. You know, going for a 1366 or 1155 socket and of course having to change the cpu and ram and basically everything. So please give me an answer about the gpu choice and posible bottleneck or not and what to do with those 500.
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