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Gaming Rig 750 HELP!! please!

I made a thread a while ago asking for recommendations for a computer around $700. In that budget i would like a Razer Naga & Razer black widow keyboard, with a $25 mic. Its okay if it goes over 700 by a bit but i cant be much more than 750. Im looking to play wow on ultra settings at a decent resolution, around 40-60 fps, shadows don't really matter would like them at a decent setting. Its fine if its a separate Pc and nice video card i can install one comfortably. If you guys know any builds with separate parts that i can have someone put together please post em. I know this is a lot to ask for under $750 with the keyboard& mice and the headset, but any input at all would be very appreciated. I'm not looking to buy quickly i want to look at all my options because last time i bought to fast... i got stuck with a $400 dollar Pc that i couldn't upgrade at all. Thanks for reading!! If you can find a decent monitor tha fits inthe budget that would also be awsome!!
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    I'd say don't build the PC based around the keyboard and mouse. Just add that stuff later and get all the PC you can for now and run with a crappy generic mouse and keyboard or you're talking $100 out of your budget meaning the PC you're looking at is really in the $600-$650 range. That can be quite a difference when dealing with these price ranges. I just saw a decent combo deal on new egg with solid components for around $760 shipped:

    I was pretty impressed when I saw this combo deal.

    Pick up the mouse and keyboard over the following months. You'll be so much happier than if you would have compromised on the machine just to get that particular mouse and keyboard. The mic is another thing you can just pick up.
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