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I have a asus p8z68v-pro and I want to use the intel srt, the manual says that have to set the sata ports in raid mode, but when I do it, the computers boots up show me the windows logo (starting windows) and then It keeps restarting, it only stops when I set the sata mode back to ahci, inb4 my os is installed in my hdd and I have an SSD
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  1. Did you have Windows installed already and then you added the SSD?
    If no, then ignore the next paragraph.

    If yes, then you have to set the BIOS to RAID, then you have to change your boot so that your Windows CD boots (move your optical drive to your 1st boot device), then save your changes and restart, then you have to reinstall Windows. When you reinstall, it will show your old partioned hard have to delete both of those and Windows will re-do the partioning and re-install. So hopefully you have a 3rd mechanical HDD that you can move all your files to, then reinstall Windows, then move all your files back to your primary HDD.
  2. By the way, I'm not thrilled with the Intel SRT. If I had to do it over again, I would have bought a bigger SSD (120gb+) and installed Windows and a few games on my SSD. With Intel SRT I'm still at a 34 second boot until I see Windows load :(.
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