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Are the Radeon 6850/70 cards

Are the Radeon 6850/70 cards backwards compatable with PCIexpress x16 version 1 motherboards? According to AMDs website is only says it requires on PCIe x16 socket but does not say what version. Also what performace hit will I get by only using PCIe 1.0 . I dont have enough to invest in a completely new system as I am running an athlon 64 x2 6000+, now with 3gb ram, 1tb HD, radeon 3870 512mb, 650watt Coolermaster PS. This is a modified Gateway unit. Later I will put together a new unit but in this economy money is tight and the new CPUs and MBs are to be released soon so some prioces should drop.
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  1. Yes, they are.Just make sure that you have your BIOS updated to the latest version.
  2. Thank you for the response on the PCIe that helps a lot.

    How much will the lower PCIe 1.0 limit the performance of the card or will my cpu be a more limiting factor?

    As I read in a post the PCIe 2.1 cards running in PCIe 1.0 MB's can have compatability issues and that a bios update was recomended... is that a MB bios update or the GPU Bios ? I cant update the bios of the MB as it is a Gateway and they dont have any newer versions than the one I am running. Also if there is a compatability issue how will I be able to update the bios of the GPU ( if that is the case ) if I cant access or use the card?

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    It's a mobo BIOS upgrade; if there is one available for the specific mobo.

    Don't feel too bad, I too cannot install a HD 6xxx series card in my Abit IP35 Pro mobo since it only has a PCI-e 1.0 slot and their last BIOS update was back in mid 2008. I have a HD 5850 (PCI-e 2.0 of course) in my rig.
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