Buy new PC or upgrade 4G 800hz RAM to 8GB DDR3-1066MHz for Core2 Duo CPU T6600@2

I'm starting to do a lot of multi-tasking including Esri ArcGIS/Google map-making, some SPSS stats-crunching, and using Dragon Naturally Speaking dictation software to write MS Office docs while also web-surfing for info.

My Toshiba 505-A680 laptop (2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2.20GHz) has worked well thus far but is having trouble handling so many processor/RAM-intensive programs at once. Given that I'm on a budget, I'm debating whether I should upgrade the RAM or buy a new desktop for dedicated multimedia work since I already have all the peripherals (e.g., big screen). If I upgrade the RAM of my laptop from 4G RAM DDR2-800hz to 8GB DDR3-1066MHz will I see a big difference in performance? Or I am just setting myself up to have to buy a desktop in 6 months anyway? I'm currently looking through relevant forum threads, but if you think I should buy a desktop, do you have any suggestions regarding specs to look for, especially for less than $1,000?

Thanks for any and all suggestions!
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    you cant upgrade ddr2 to ddr3, they have different slots. upgrading to 8gb wont see you much performance anyway.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I now remember reading that you can't go from ddr2 to ddr3 but obviously forgot amidst the amazing amount of info in the forums. Thanks again!
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