Hdmi output on pc looks poor on tv


I have a samsung le32r8 lcd tv

I have a packard bell imedia s3810. this has a graphics card with an hdmi output and a vga output. The information i can find under graphics card settings is as follows

intel hd graphics (COREi3)

intel64 family 6 model 37

When i have set this up on an hdmi cable its a poor display on the tv. Using the VGA its great. I have tried many suggestions on these forums including the source name change

Is there someone out there who can help with my problem

Thanks so much
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  1. I'm pretty sure a lot of people would have suggested adjusting the resolution if it looks poor. However what exactly looks poor? If it's video then the Intel GPU isn't really that god at deinterlacing and upconverting it to the certain resolution.
  2. Sorry it's late but I have a Samsung HD TV & use an DVI > HDMI cable & it looks great.
    The probelm you're having (I think) is you're not using the dedicated PC HDMI input.
    PC's have a slightly different colour palet which needs taking into account on a TV.
    Otherwise the images look pale & washed out.
    Check your TV manual, on mine the HDMI input 2 is the PC dedicated one but yours might be different.
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