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I have an amd athlon ii x4 630 amd3 and a intel i7 860 lga 1156
I need a motherboard for which ever one I keep.
I want to know if I should go amd so I can get a 990fx mobo so I can use my front usb 3.0 and be future proof and upgrade whenever I need to or should I get a p55 mobo and not be able to use the front usb 3.0 and not have an upgrade path in the future or should I sell both cpus and get a sandy bridge or a amd fx or wait for an ivy bridge cpu
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  1. The i7 is a much better and more powerful CPU than the Athlon x4. I'm guessing you'd be best to sell those CPUs now while they still have some value, then get either a Sandy Bridge system now or wait a few months for an Ivy Bridge system.
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