Need help about a budget graphic card

well my pc config is a c2d e7500 and an asus p5g41mlx mobo
i hv a generic 450 watt psu(which i think of upgrading to a gigabyte 460 watt superb psu)
i wanna buy a graphic card that can play all the recent and upcoming games(even if it is at low setiings and low resolutions its ok to me)
i am confused amongs the hd 4850 and hd 5670
while the hd 4850 is more pwerful hd 5670 has a directx11 support
will the hd 4850 be able to play the upcoming dx11 games
my resolution would be 1600*900(at low settings)
the games i need to play are crysis 1,2;dirt1,2'grid'gta4; assasins creed 1,2 and etc.
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  1. The HD4850 will play the games in DX10 mode and is more powerful regardless.
  2. What is your budget for the card and psu?
    I would reccomend a corsair,antec or seasonic psu instead of a gigabyte.
    The 4850 is much faster than the 5670,the 4850 will be able to play DX11 games it just won't be in DX11 mode.
    The 5670 has DX11 but it isn't even fast enough to be able to run a game with it and have acceptable FPS.
  3. well hw abt a saga or cm extreme psu?
    also whats the difference of playing games in dx11 and dx10 mode?
    thanx in advance
  4. Are you from India? What's your combined budget for Graphics card + Power Supply?
  5. Their isn't a "huge" difference bettween DX10 and DX11.DX11 just has more eye candy.
  6. Actually there's a bigger difference between DX10 and DX11, than between DX9 and DX10. That's primarily due to tessellation.

    See below link which has pictures of DX9 and DX11. DX10 is not represented.

    Overall though, the improvement is not like the leap from DX8 to DX9.
  7. actually i am frm india
    my combined budget for a psu ang gpu is rs7.5k to rs 8.5k
    can the hd 5670 give performance as seen on the link given by jaguarskx
    will my processor c2d e7500 bottleneck any of these cards
  8. You can get the Corsair 450VX for 2500-3000 rupees. Increase your budget a little bit and get the Geforce GTS 450 for around 6500-7000 rupees. That should give you very good performance at that resolution without any bottlenecks.
  9. well did a few research in a past few days and found dx11 much better than dx10
    thus i think of increasing my budget and bringing a hd 5750 for rs 6000(as it hs dx11 support and low power consumption than hd4850)
    will it give good performance at 1366*768 in dx 11 mode is it a powerful ennough card
    also will my c2de7500 bottleneck it?
    is it better than a gts 450
    also where can i get that psu at that price???
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