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GTX 285 driver recommendations

Just got a GTX 285 ($100) to replace my aging GT8800, what drivers do you suggest for the GTX 285 ?

Mostly play iL2 Sturmovik, Arma 2, Lock On and various COD’s.

WinXP Home 32 bit
CPU: Intel E6750 2.66, OC’ed to 3.0 (8 x FSB 375)
MB: Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L rev2 Bios F6
GPU: Gigabyte 8800 GT 512mb
PS: Corsair 550W
Viewsonic 21-inch monitor native res. 1680x1050
RAM: 2 GB Corsair XMS ddr2 800

Thanks, sd
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  2. Or give the 266.35 beta driver a go.
  3. Thanks for input folks, I'm using the 266.58 drivers and everything is all good.

    Issue is resolved !

    thanks, sd
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