Scmg 2100

this is regarding the scythe mugen rev2 scmg2100.
it comes with enough brackets for 1 fan on it. i want to buy another fan for the push pull effect.
Who knows where i can get the exact fan that it came with? Does it matter if i get some other fan or should i match the fan so it has the same speed and air flow? I also tried finding fan brackets also...are they generic or cpu cooler specific, because i can not find the brackets for scmg 2100.

thanks for the information in advance
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  1. It would fit with any 120mm fans. Just get one with a good CFM rating and you would be fine.
  2. Yeah, you can literally buy a 3 dollar 120mm fan online. You want to aim for a bit more expensive than that though.

    Go for a trusted brand like Thermaltake. I've never had a problem with them. You should get all the hardware needed for install all in the package.
  3. ok so it doesnt matter what fan i get. i dont have to get the same fan it came with. but where do i get the extra brackets for the 2nd fan? ive searched for them for the scmg 2100 but cant find any.
  4. Yeah! Just the size of the fan matters. A decent 120mm fan would fit. And more or less all coolers do fit 120mm fans.
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