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I upgraded my 7100 GS that worked perfectly with my 32" LCD with HDMi. It fitted perfectly with good colours. Then when I used this card Gt 240 when first booting or using the bios or Windows & 4 cm of the screen is not being used. What should I do?
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  1. Can anyone tell me how to use this card or what cards will work with my 32" Lcd. I also tried the GT 240 with a 46"Led Samsung and the same thing happened, the whole screen.
  2. Can anyone tell me how to get it to use the whole 32" all the time like my 7100 GS. Even if it does using Windows 7 the colours are completly off and resolution doesn't look right.
  3. did you install the latest drivers from nvidias webpage,did you adjust the color and resolution on your nvidia control panel or on your tv to try to fix this?? if the drivers are installed can you adjust your resolution in windows??, its not going to magically fix itself also it would help to tell me your full systems specs and your tvs resolution
  4. if all the drivers and resolution settings are in order and correct you should also see if there's a picture fit setting on your TV that needs to be adjusted.
  5. I used 128 x 720 previously with my 720p 32" LCD. I am using Core2Duo, Gigabyte 965P-DS2, DDR2 4GB Ram and 650 W Power Supply.

    When I installed drivers on Windows 7 it would be to zoomed and some parts of the screen would be cut off at 1280 x 720 e.g. I can't see the taskbar. I use the resize desktop tool to make it 1172 x 668 which isn't ideal but even then text looks fuzzy and everything is pixelated. Also the colours are way off.

    It can't be the screen because I tested it with my new 46" LED Samsung 1080p and it had the same issue. Also the T.V settings must be right if it works on my previous Graphics Card and when I play on my 360 it looks perfect as well.

    Whats the solution?
  6. Did you make sure to get the latest drivers from the Nvidia website?
  7. Yes I went to Nvidia's Site and download the latest 260.99 Stable Drivers. I also tried the newer beta ones which also didn't work.
  8. When you set the display resolution to 1280x 720. Is the text clear, ie. is the problem just that it's zoomed in and not showing your entire desktop?

    Also, is this an extended display, or your primary monitor.

    Maybe a picture of your problem would help us to diagnose.
  9. Text is nearly as good at 1280 x 720 but it is still zoomed in and not as clear. Also the colours are still off when zoomed in.

    This is my primary and only monitor.
  10. sounds fun
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