GPU advice for a noob :)

Hi everyone, I've just moved my HTPC into a midsize tower with a 550w PSU. I have 4GB DDR3 and Athlon Triple core @ 2.90 (I think it could be a bottleneck) :(

In my HTPC case i was using an HD 5570 PCIe with no problems but i don't think it cuts it for me anymore (Getting bored of running most games mid quality no AA at 1920x1080 (Trying to play FO:new vegas atm, not really enjoying the stuttering)

So my question if anyone can help me out is: I have around £200-230 to spend on upgrading my graphics card.. are there any cards going around at that price that can play all PC games at my resolution at full settings at maybe 2-4x AA. (exculding crysis most liely) In games like CoD and other FPS'es if i could get 60+ FPS at better then console graphics that would be awesome.

I've tried researching myself but honestly it's so confusing i never know if the card i'm interested in is now obselete or overpriced or what.

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  1. Give it a couple of weeks and see what the GTX560 brings to the table.
  2. I was thinking of getting a HD 5850 since it#'s pretty cheap now, it came out in 09. would you guys say it's powerful enough?
  3. It is, but like mousemonkey says, the GTX 560 is out this month so wait for that to be released. Even if the card does not interest you, it may cause another adjustment to prices which is always good.

    6850, 5850 and 6870 are the three AMD cards to currently consider. The 6850 is weaker but OC's well and deals with Direct X 11 better I believe. The 6870 is about £30 more than the 5850 but is better and again is newer technology. I have to admit, given your price range I would probably prefer the 6870 over the 5850, in fact I would probably also debate whether to go with a 5850 or a 6850 even though it is a weaker card (I think the 5850 is about £20 more than the 6850)

    The current cards worth having at 1920 x 1080 are:
    GTX 460
    GTX 470
    GTX 480
    GTX 570
    GTX 580


    Those cards are also put in order of power. The GTX 460 and the 6850 compete (the 6850 being more powerful), the 5850 sits between a GTX 460 and GTX 470 in power and is in a league of its own, the GTX 470 and the 6870 compete (the GTX 470 being a bit more powerful but louder, hotter and more power consuming).

    The GTX 460 and the 6850 are at the lower end for 1920 x 1080 res but can handle a lot of games at high settings and are both very good overclocking cards
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