Hub Connection Problem

Forgive me if this has been answered else where.

I have a hub and have been able to connect to it before through wireless. Since then I had the line cancelled and a new line installed for which I was sent a new hub.

I can now NOT connect from my laptop to either hub through wireless instead the only way to access the internet is to use an Ethernet cable.

The wireless shows on my computer but when I try to connect it says there is a problem with the hub although my blackberry is able to connect to the hub no problem.

What should I do?

Any help would be gratefully recieved!

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  1. Check if you already have preferred networks and delete them. Then try to connect again. If its a secured network, make sure you have the correct password as well.

    Also please tell us what is operating system?
    And whats the name of that "hub" ?
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