1gb memory only shows as 512mb


I have a MSI K9N SLI V1 motherboard that I have installed 2 x 1gb Kingston KHZ8500D2K2/1G memory sticks to. Both BIOS (Latest Update) and Windows (XP Home SP3) only recognise 1 gb in total. I've installed SIW and that shows both sticks as being 512mb, despite them being 1gb.

The motherboard supports up to 8gb 1.8V RAM. The RAM I've installed is 2.2V which I understand will run (as it does) without making any changes in the BIOS.

Has anyone got any idea how, or if, I can get the PC to recognise the full 2gb please?

Due to limited knowledge, I've never made any changes to voltages or speeds in the BIOS, so please try and keep your replies as simple as possible! :)

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Have you placed your memory sticks, next to each other starting from the closest slot to your CPU?
  2. Hi Gate9er,

    I've installed them according to the user guide in DIMM's 1 & 3. BIOS shows dual channel.

    After posting my initial message, I opened SIW again and note that the part numbers of the RAM are shown as KHX8500D2/512. Is it possible that both sticks of RAM have the wrong stickers on?!


  3. Problem SOLVED (should have done a bit more research before posting)!

    I've just opened an online PDF that I bypassed a few times because I didn't think it would be relevant. The KHX8500D2K2/1G kit is not 2 x 1gb as I thought, but 2 x 512mb! I assumed the 1G in the part number referred to the amount of memory per stick, not the total amount of the kit.

    Hope this helps someone in the future that, like me, finds the kit number a bit misleading!

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