AMD Phenom II x4 955 or the Intel i5 2500k or wait for Bulldozer?

Hey i have a question, im going to be building a PC soon, but i have been eyeing two main CPU's, however i cant really spend ALOT of money so im just wondering...

I know that the intel i5 2500 or the 2400 wipes the floor with the 955, but

1) in terms of general computer usage, such as just going on web browsing, maybe video editing, oepning documents, multitasking, will i notice a big difference between the two? and how much of a difference will there be?

2) Also, in terms of gameing, what will the difference be if im getting either a GTS 450, a 5770 or a 5830 (i havnt choesn yet, one of these).

Games i might play include stuff like Portal, Dirt 3, Assassins creed. Im not really too into the crysis or metro stuff, i find FPS boring... But even if i do im not too bothered about getting SUPER HIGH QUALITY. To me, i find that a low quality doesnt make a difference.

Oh and i think im gonna get a 22 inch 1080P monitor, because i love high resolution for multitasking etc...

3) And also, my friend told me i should just wait for the bulldozer, what do you think? I dont think i can afford an AM3+ because they are like more than 60 pounds.

4) I want to get a phenom 955 because its so cheap (btw do you know when the bulldozer will come out, and do you think the price of 955 AND 2400 drop? just wondering)

anyways thanks guys :) I would appreciate it if you could answer all the questions. And ps3hacker... you can reply but we already talked about this today so it would just be the same thing :P
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  1. Drop price is business and marketing strategy, and I for 955 and Hd 5830 (shappire new price very chip) enough for game, blueray, browsing,
    this is important for more size ram, higher is better.

    For SB is not good for video editing and yes .. SB is the beast and high performance and high clock cpu-z. But I7 still the best for workstation.
  2. For example 955 + 5830 >>>>> i5 SB + gts450

    For overall perforamnce,ofc i5. It's obvious,because sb is a new technology, and what about PII it's here for a while and still tops benchs.
  3. ok i might just get the 955 and 5840 xteme :)
  4. should i jsut get an i3-2100? apparantly it performs better than the 955
  5. If you can wait then wait, you have nothing to loose since prices always come down unless theres a big disaster in china.... LoL

    If you want to build now get better GPU over a better CPU if you need to sacrifice one or the other to stay in your budget.

    And dont forget to budget in an aftermarket cooler, you know you want to OC that black edition...

    As for i3 or Pii, the i3 is an excellent dual core but in programs that can take advantage of the extra Pii cores it falls behind a little. With many new titles being written to take advantage of multicore systems I would stick to the Pii since its a little cheaper and about equal in other regards.
  6. i3 vs. PII 955

    If games is the priority------> i3

    If multi-tasking or doing other CPU intensive activity like encoding video-------> PII 955
  7. To answer your questions.

    1) No, you will not be able to see any real difference.

    2) You will notice no real difference among the graphics cards you listed. The market is very competitive.
    Only if you play one favorite game should you bother with benchmarks in the same price class.

    3) Your friend is a AMD fanboy. Bulldozer will be a multicore chip of as yet unproven performance. Your work does not need more than two cores to perform well.

    4) The 955 is so cheap, because it is not as good as some other chips with a similar clock rate. It is priced at what the market will bear.
    In the past, older cpu's did not plummet in price as you might think. They sell at their original price for quite some time. If you have a failed cpu that you must replace, there is nowhere else to go.

    I see no need for your workload for anything stronger than an i3-2120.

    Normal desktop operations do not need more than dual cores, and very few games do either. The i3 is a great <$200 value chip for gaming:,2859.html

    The biggest performance improver for you will be a SSD. See if you can't fit one in your budget for the OS and frequently used apps.
  8. if you want to buy now for gaming, buy something intel socket 1555.
  9. 955 if you want to save some money i5 2500 if you don't mind spending some more and i don't know much about the other Cpu so.
  10. geofelt said:

    3) Your friend is a AMD fanboy. Bulldozer will be a multicore chip of as yet unproven performance. Your work does not need more than two cores to perform well.

    That says it all.
  11. Quote:
    LOL, im not an AMD fanboy, hes not even buying the PC now, hes buying it in 1-3months and all i said was if he is buying the 955 get an AM3+ board.

    1 month would be enough to ask for recommendations.
    Especially first time builders, just because new technology comes it doesnt make previous technology "old".
    Like what most peoople say about i7 950.
  12. Makes more sense to go am3+ rather than stick yourself in a board with no future upgradability,
    I'm putting a 955 into an Asrock 890fx Deluxe 5 for the same reason, if and when a better chip hits, I can stick it straight in the black socket
  13. A P67 or Z68 based motherboard is supposed to be able to take the next gen 22nm intel cpu with only a bios update.
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