Code 43 problem (Win 7 32bit) with 9800GTX!

until 2 weeks ago my 9800GTX worked perfectly.
I got a Code 43 problem in WIN7 32bit.
it tells me that: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43).
Also, My fan is stuck at 35% and the GPU clock are low than normal (400Mhz insted 675, 810Mhz insted 1688 and 400Mhz insted 1100).
When I'm trying to play a video (MPC) it says this:
CreateDevice failed DX9AllocatorPresenter faile

I revomed drivers with driver sweeper and install another version (i tried alot of drivers!) but it dosent fix the problem. (im now with 266.35).
I tried also to clean the registry with regcure.

When i connected my old 7600GS everything was fine.

the boot with the 9800GTX look like this:

Thank you for your help,
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  1. What's your PSU?
  2. MY PSU is Corsair VX450.
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