Different 3d score on same hardware

Hello friends,i came across actually a funny and weird thing when comparing the current result with old results.

Amd Athlon II x4 635 3.6Ghz,MSI 880Gm-E41,4 GB ram 1333mhz, XFX HD 5770 1Gb,CM GX550,Hyper TX3,WD Caviar Black 80GB (OS),WD Caviar Green 500GB

I tested my system using 3dmark06 on default settings and got the following results

1.) Windows xp 32bit Cpu 3.5ghz Gpu stock

2.)Windows xp 32bit Cpu 3.5ghz Gpu Stock
A liitle bit lower on same settings

3.)Windows 7 64bit Cpu 3.6 Ghz Gpu Stock (Sorry Didnt submit the score)
3dmark score=16150
Cpu Score= ~4900

I dont know why there is a difference even when cpu is higher.The first two results are much higer than third .Interestingly the cpu score is always less than 5000 in windows 7 but it is always higher than 5000 in windows xp 32 bit.I dont why there is a difference of that amount.

I installed the operating system(Both xp and 7) on an old WD 80 Gb caviar black hard drive. Could this be a cause.Or 3dmark06 score is always better on windows xp. However while playing games on Windows Xp loading times are much fater than Windows 7.

Please give your opinion and some useful suggestions.Thank you.
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  1. Xp runs on DX9 a less demand for graphics while Win 7 is DX11 a much demanding process.
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