2600k sandybridge build shuts off during boot up then loads windows

i7 2600k @ 4.3 ghz, 560 gtx sli, 8gb gskill ripjaws, c300 SSD

When I turn the computer on, it stays on for maybe 6 seconds and then it powers off for about 3 or 4 seconds, and then immediately powers itself back on and promptly loads windows and everything is fine.

The computer DOES NOT do this if I simply "restart" the computer after windows has loaded. The problem only occurs when I boot the computer after it has been completely shut down.

Why does it do this though? Just seems concerning...
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  1. My i5 Sandy bridge does the same thing sometimes. it also sometimes gets in a loop were it just recycles- power up 5 seconds then shuts down and repeats. If I unplug the power cord from the PSU for 15 seconds and then plug it in, it boots normally.....

    I'm waiting on my (Rev 3) MB before I start worrying too much.
  2. Why has this gone unanswered? I have the same concerns with my i7 2600k @ Asus P8P67 UEFI auto setting overclock, gtx 570, 4gb ripjaws
  3. I ended up backing my OC multiplier down from x45 to x44 and don't seem to have the problem anymore. even though it ran stable at 45,(prime95 for 12 hrs) it seemed not to like the 45 multiple at boot up occasionally. weird, but it seems to have disappeared now. I seemed to do it at x45 even after I replaced the MB with the B3 revision one.
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