Please help identify this server case

Hi all,

I have a very old server case that I am trying to find parts for. So far, no one has been able to identify it. Any help is greatly appreciated!

[Please don't tell me to Google it (Web or Images). I have been doing so for literally weeks, with no luck at all.]

As you can see, it is a double-wide server case. It has 14 front 5.25" bays, and an internal cage that holds five 3.5" drives at the top right rear, making 19 total. The PSU is a dual-redundant unit. The case has wheels on it.

I suspect it's a very old Chenbro, but have not been able to find a model that looks like this unit. It does not appear to be an SR101 (ULTRA), SR102 (ECHO), SR103 (NET), or an A9891.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Nobody? Wow.

    I knew this thing was old, but I was thinking ancient Egypt - not Jurassic Park!

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