Upgrade for hd5770

looking to upgrade my graphics i have hd5770

i play crysis on high settings on 1280x1024 resolution and i turn 60 fps with a Intel Core I5 750

what would i need to run to on very high settings.

ihave themaltake TR2 460 watt powersupply
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  1. There is no reason to upgrade. The 5770 can handle crysis on the highest settings at that resolution to my knowledge. The only next upgrade I'd see that'd be reasonable is your monitor then your GPU. Otherwise not at all. The 5770 I'm pretty sure can handle Crysis at very high at that resolution.
  2. a tr2 460w? u mean 470w like this one http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Product.aspx?S=1172&ID=1538#Tab1
    I have that PSU and im pretty sure there is no 460w model.
    If it is that model, you should be able to run a 6850 or gtx460, but you will need a 2 into 1 6 pin power adaptor which should come with the card.
  3. It will play on very high at that resolution but likely at 45 FPS
  4. about 35 to 40
  5. Yeah I would imagine that could run very high. I use a 5750 and I don't play crisis but I've run benchmarks on it and it handles very high pretty steady.

    Though that resolution could definitely use some upgrades! with the money you would be spending on a new gpu you could get a really sick new monitor :)
  6. No reason to upgrade from the 5770 if you're going to stay at 1280x1024.
  7. 35 to 40 is pretty playable sooo no need to upgrade. Course a full 60 would be nice but I mean no real reason to upgrade until you have a bigger monitor.
  8. X-fire it if you must upgrade!!! Bigger psu would be in order I think.
  9. Yes i would agree.Crossfiring with another 5770 would be much better than getting a 6850 or 460 and then just throwing away the 5770.Crossfiring with a 5770 should bring you up to around a 5850 level,mayb a bit slower witch would still be better than a 460 or 6850.
  10. I wanted to crossfire another 5770 but can not find a reasonable price for a 775 crossfire board.
  11. You should get a crossfire board anyway, eventually you will corssfire cards no matter what series...crossfire is just better.
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