Which is better? voodoo3 3dfx or geforce 5200

I currently have a Geforce Fx 5200 in my cpu. I was wondering if switching out that for a Voodoo3 3dfx, would be a wise decision?
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  1. i doubt it. Plus voodoo3 only has 16 bit rendering i believe. Maybe if you have some really old games that utilize the Glide API, it may be of some use.
  2. thanks for the advice. Didnt want to go and make the wrong decision and screw up my cpu. Thank you.
  3. In "your cpu" dude lol hahahaha /facedesk.

    That 3DFX is a very old card and isn't meant to be used for general use as it is vintage and doesn't have modern driver support except for a small community of coders who keep such cards alive for their features ect that allow for native compatibility for games that usually do not work on more modern machines.
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