C2D E6300 question.

Alright so C2D E6300 vs Pentium E6300
I know one is more powerful but my question would be if i overclocked C2D to 2.8GHZ would it be same powerful as E6300 on stock? Only difference Pentium has is x10.5 multiplier compared to 7.5 of C2D. Oh and theres that C2D has 65mm, E6300 45mm.
Also, i could probably OC the C2D to 3.5GHz or so with aftermarket cooler.
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  1. Don't think so. The C2D were much more advanced tech than the Pentium line up. Just raising clock speed don't make the chips fast. There are a lot of other factors that goes into making a chip faster than the other.
  2. Actually pentium is newer than C2D. They brought the pentium name back. Pentium E6300 is 2009, whilst C2D 2007. And for C2D CPUS clock speed matters a lot.
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