AMD Phenom II X4 Fan Speed

Hey guys, I have a Phenom II X4 955 BE CPU, which is brand new with the computer I just built. The fans are quiet enough, but I think the system is too hot.

CPU Fan: Running at 50% and ~2800 RPM
Sys Fan 1: 75% and ~900 RPM
Sys Fan 2: 75% and 1080 RPM

The system is running at 102*F and the CPU is running at 84*F. Should it be running at the high of a temp? I live in Georgia and it is around 90* outside
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  1. Your CPU temp is good totally fine for a idle or medium-load temp.

    I'm not sure what your "system temp" monitor is measuring but it doesn't seem too hot. I've seen lots of motherboard monitors read that high.
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