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I have an old mobo with Pentium 4, WD hardrive, a couple of RAMs. This used to be my old comp from eMachines. I bought Gembird PSU (300W) which seems sufficient, b/c old PSU was 250W only.
Now, the nightmare begins. At first I couldn't get into the BIOS with usb keyboard. I borrowed ps/2 keyboard and the BIOS reluctantly let me in to load fail safe defaults. I placed new battery from my working computer into old BIOS.
The furthest I could get is to WinXP setup, but that failed because it couldn't locate any hard drives (but the BIOS did).
I have eMachines logo displaying for about 5 minutes, then diagnostic information displaying for about 5 minutes (with no apparent errors), then I press ENTER after it offers me to boot from CD and after some time Windows setup starts up and fails with a complaint that no hard drives were found (when in fact 80Gb hd is attached).

What could it be?!! It worked fine before old psu broke down.

1)system seems to make a lot of noise
2)numlock led stays on after computer turned off
3)system POST sequence (and general working speed) is unbelievably way too slow, slower then starting Word Perfect from MS DOS!
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  1. How many hard drives do you have?
    If it's IDE, make sure the jumper on the hard drive is set to Cable Select.

    Do you have other spare hard drives to test with?
    My guess is that the hard drive is bad. Bad hard drives will still show up in the BIOS, but when Windows trys to find it, it won't be able to find it.

    I've also experience this when the hard drive is set to "Hidden". You can use Ultimate Boot CD (there are tools in there) to help determine this.

    My yourself some time and get a new hard drive. You can get some old IDE hard drives off of newegg for ~$20. If it's SATA, you can get'em for around ~$30.
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