Blank screen after upgraded ram

hi just upgrade my ram for hp dv2000 but now i only get black screen, fan ad lights are one but nothing from the screen
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  1. This sounds like a memory error. You can confirm this by taking out your new RAM, and putting your old RAM back in. If everything works with your old RAM then either your new RAM is defective or not compatible with your system.

    We might be able to help you if you give us details about your old and new RAM.
  2. Hi its 2 X 2g slots in my latop. strangely when i did the online scan it told me that only one of the slots was open so i decided to buy another 2g of memory via the crucial website. when i opened the computer yesterday i discovered that there was actually 2 memory sticks of ram already in...could the crucial scan have been wrong? anyway be that as it may, after putting in the new one and it did'nt work i took it out again and put the old one back in but still i get the black screen. i hope someone can help.
  3. This is the second time in 2 days I've heard of that Crucial scan being wrong. :(
  4. I had a DV2000 and one of the slots just wouldn't work, exactly how you describe, put some ram in...nothing.

    Try the new stick in the original slot to see if its ok.

    Whats the max RAM for that laptop, can't remember.

    Unless this is starting, I ended up baking mine and it totally wasted it.
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