I7970 Getting to Warm

I have a stock cooler, stock voltage/clocked i7970. Max CPU vcore has been 1.18 in my runs. At idle it's in the mid 40's to low 50's (51ish). Running prime 95 blend I've hit mid 80's before realizing it got that high. In December I don't remember it getting above about 70. Could my high ambient temp (in the low 80's) be responsible? Any suggestions?
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  1. Of course your ambient/room temperature is responsible for this. Even the best air cooler available out there won't cool your processor below your ambient temps. Btw, those CPU's do tend to run a little hot. The best you can do is get an aftermarket air cooler (like a coolermaster Hyper 212+). That should drop down your temps a little bit.
  2. I should clarify, ambient is in F, rest of temps are in C.
  3. More info: The intel stress test keeps it pegged at 70C or less. Then Intel memory stress pegs at 75C. Looks like CPU + memory is the real stress test and perhaps why I didn't see such high max temps before (didn't do mem + CPU last time). Will put the stock cooler on "High" instead of "Quiet" and see how it does when I get home.
  4. mstang1988 said:
    I should clarify, ambient is in F, rest of temps are in C.

    That is understood. Can't imagine anyone surviving at 80C ambient temperature. That's the reason I pointed out that those chips do run a little hot and the advantage of getting an aftermarket cooler. The better you buy, the more closer you will get to your ambient temps. Even the case air flow matters.
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