What ram should I buy

Ok so newegg has their gskill cl11d sniper 2133 ram on sale 8 gigs for 55. There's someone on Craigslist selling 12 gigs of gskill sniper cl9t for 60. My rig is
Gigabyte 990xa am3+ board
Phenom 2 970 be processor
Radon 6850
Ocz Agility 3 ssd
I will be looking to upgrade to a bulldozer soon also. What do you guys think will be my best bet. Thanks for the help
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  1. check this first before you get em make sure they are supported by the board

  2. as far as i know most Gskills require an intel chip
  3. It's compatible it isn't on their board list but I've checked some reviews and checked with gskill customer service
  4. get the CL9T they are better than the CL11d
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