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I have a Dell Precision 690, and would like to put in a DirectX11-capable video card. It has an eVGA slot and supports SLI. I would like to know if this card will work in it so I don't waste my money. If it WON'T work in it, can anyone determine the best card that WOULD work in it?
Thank you for your time.
- Mark
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  1. Well, I only need one Video card right now, but the system is a dual Xeon 3.0 core, 19GB RAM, 1000W PS, and currently a Quadro 3450 256MB, 1TB HD, all running on Win7Pro 64-bit.
    I think I understand I will lose some of the speed of a faster card due to the PCIe being v1, but I also will not see memory above 1GB? Will it even work (like, might as well invest in a 1GB card that I can re-use somewhere else later)? Are you suggesting I should to look for cards that are up to 512MB RAM, and definitely no more than 150W, if I want to even be able to use it in this system, not even accounting for the degradation due to older PCIe technology? If so, that'll change things for me ... I wasn't really paying attention to video card wattage figuring I'd be able to run most anything on this PS.
  2. I meant 'not even see memory on the video card above 512MB'
  3. stmaybe said:
    I meant 'not even see memory on the video card above 512MB'

    That is not true. I have a Precision 690 and i have a Sapphire Radeon HD 6570 2GB VRAM and it reconizes exactly 2GB...
    It is just outdated info. When the 690 came out, the best cards where GT8800's with 512MB of VRAM.
    It even supports the new AMD Radeon HD 7970 card series. They have 3GB of VRAM.
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