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Asus Rampage III Formula

Need some help with the memory on my Rampage III, I have 24 GB of Corsair XMS3 2000 MHz installed, it recognizes all of the memory, but it is only running at 533 MHz.

Processor is I7 960, 3.20 GHz, and it is running around 3.33 right now.

I went in the bios and changed to XMP and the computer would not boot back up, had to reset CMOS to get it to boot up again. So what do I need to do to get this to run at 2000 MHz, and how?

All settings are set at default right now, except I changed to ACHI for my SSD.
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  1. 533MHz in CPU-Z is 1066MHz
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    Double Data Rate (DDR) memory effectively operates at twice its rated speed. So, you are getting 533MHZ X 2.
  3. I figured that out a while back, thanks for the replies though. I've been running at 1853 MHz for months now.
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