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Hello Everyone!

I currently have two Cooler Master R4 fans as the intake fans in the front of my computer. Because I do not have a fan controller and simply have the fans plugged into the power supply, they are always on full blast. While that is great for air flow, I am getting annoyed at the amount of sound my computer makes. And so, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of good silent fans at max power. I do need a an acceptable amount of airflow since I do have my i7 930 at an overclock to 3.7. I heard the scythe gentle typhoon and scythe slipstreams were good and read on that the sharkoon silent eagle are good as well. Unfortunately, I didn't seem to be able to find any site that would sell these at a reasonable price. Finally, I have looked at silentpc but found that their recommended fans section seems a little bit outdated as it was last updated in 2007...unless I am looking in the wrong place on the website. Anyways, I am open to all suggestions and would be very appreciative if any one could help.

Also forgot to mention that I also saw Yate Loons, Thermalright TR-FDB, and Nexus Basic had some good reviews. Anyways, thanks again for the help.
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  1. What case do you have, and what other fans does it have aside from those on the front?
  2. See the fans section on
  3. Well i have some Gelid wing fans in my case and they are quite. So quite i can't even hear them. Plus they are easy to clean. Probably the best fans i have ever used. Here's a video of it on youtube.

    they have two different versions of with higher rpm. i have the 1st one though and it blows enough air in my case and its really quite.
  4. are the gelids you are using at full speed or do you control it with the mobo or controller?
  5. CopaMundial said:
    What case do you have, and what other fans does it have aside from those on the front?

    I have a antec 300. i know the sound will still go through since it is a pretty cheap case but still anything is probably better than these cms at full speed. the fans in the back are the antec tri-cools that come with it. I find the low setting to be fine in terms of sound.
  6. An Antec 300, w/ 120mm rear and 140mm top fan should do pretty well on it's own without the front fans trying hard at all.

    It doesn't make sense (from noise management perspective) to have front fans on high and rear/top fans on low.
    I would put the front fans on a controller so that you can turn them down.
    Unless the front fans are failing, I would make the first purchase be a fan controller for the front fans. Turn them down and that might be enough of an improvement in terms of noise. See how your temps hold. If temps go up or your CPU cooler starts ramping too much then the next step would be to turn up the rear fan (since that's the one you would hear the least).
    Then if that doesn't work then I would go for maybe something like the scythe s-flex fans for the front.
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