I5 2500k handle sli gtx 580

Hello, would an overclocked i5 2500k be able to handle sli 580s? or would it be a bottleneck?
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  1. It should not cause any bottlenecks when overclocked to about 4.0 GHz (may be a little more). What resolutions are you going to game at? Dual 580's are overkill for single monitor gaming.
  2. SLI'd 580s might be fine for 2500x1600 w/aa/af/high details on Crysis, but, for 99% of most other games, a single GTX580 is plenty for a single monitor. (A pair of 560Tis or 6950s is much more cost effective, and cost about the same as a single GTX580)
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    Even at stock it should be fine unless you're playing at only 1080p or less, in which case you could easily be seeing 300+fps which is difficult for any CPU to keep up with lol.

    But seriously, if we're talking 60fps or even 120fps then the i5 2500k is not going to be an issue.
  4. Ooh triple monitor plz.
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