France, Britain, and US Light Up Libya

It looks like that France, Britain, and the US militaries have opened up on Libya in light of the UN resolution authorizing the use of force to protect civilians. French fighter jets began the strike against Gaddafi's forces, while the US began launching tomahawk missiles (50-100) against many anti-aircraft installations. I'm not sure of the British role, but I'm sure they are providing some sort of air or missile support to the operation at this point.
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  1. I would say this statement sums up my sentiment on action taken in Libya. Again, sorry to appear confrontational, but this is how I feel. Obama is weak with his idea of foreign policy.,0,1652334.story?track=rss
  2. Yes, they hadn't stated that the Brits were firing Tomahawks off as well. Obama said that there would be no US ground troops involved, at least right now, which leads me to believe that the coalition will rely on firepower for the time being to weaken Gaddafi's forces and then let the rebels have at him. That's just a guess though.
  3. Looks like Gaddafi has begged the Russians to try and stop the allied assault on his forces. From CNN:

    Russia urged coalition nations to stop the use of force against Libya, challenging the use of the U.N. no-fly zone resolution as a " controversial step." In a statement published on its website, Russia's Foreign Ministry said air strikes carried out by coalition forces killed 48 civilians and injured 150.

    I don't think it will work. Keep in mind that it has long been the plan of Gaddafi to play the "civilians have been killed" card if action were taken against his forces. I'm not doubting that a few civilians may have been caught up in it, but nowhere near that number and nowhere near the number that Gaddafi's forces have slaughtered.
  4. Watch the interview with Gaadafi's son Said and Ray Martin on 60 Minutes.

    The guy is a few sandwches short of a picnic so he must have bought his PhD from LSE ... there is NO WAY the guy has a brain capable of writing that dissertation ...

    That University's reputation just got flushed down the toilet ... at least in my mind.

    For interest ... he donated $2 Million ... thats what a PhD is worth now.

    The guy's a complete idiot.

    Add his name to the list for SF to double tap.
  5. I know where to get my Ph.D. when I win the lotto. ;)

    Edit: Here's a short article about your favorite cruise missile, reynod ;)
  6. Air superiority and No Fly Zones alone have never won a war. US troops along with a UN peacekeeping effort MIGHT remove quadaffi. Quadaffi has to go now or Obama is a total fail. Obama will have to fight for his political life to remove Quadaffi at this point. Obama and Clinton certainly do not speak or act in the name of all Americans. Obama and Clinton have chose to start yet another war with their elitist ideals. Obama is a shameful cheap con man to say the least about the situation He He has created in Libya. He calls it protecting the innocent. If Obama does not remove Quadaffi He FAILS.
  7. I agree badge- air superiority does not win a war, i.e. Vietnam. However, my take on this whole deal is that we are trying to give the rebels a chance to overthrow Gaddafi and to give the people a chance to choose for themselves. Unless the UN sends in peacekeepers, I think it will be left to the rebels to take care of the rest. If they don't though, it shows Gaddafi that he is being watched in regard to slaughtering and intimidating his people. Frankly, it's only a matter of time before someone- the allies or the rebels get their hands on Gaddafi. By "hands" I mean bullets or cruise missiles.
  8. Clinton removed Milsovitch with some well places missles and UN peacekeeping ground forces. I think this approach is the plan. We shall see how it goes.
  9. True. But that was an extraordinary amount of air power in a different circumstance (bad example I guess). I don't think we'd be willing to spend that much or risk killing civilians with that amount. Heck, the Tomahawk barrage (if you count Britain) ran somewhere near $63 million ($599K a pop) based on the 112 fired on the first day. Then again, the DOD has a budget of $663.8 billion, so $63 million is a drop in the hat.
  10. I just worry about the women and children caught up in all of this rubbish.

    When a government turns on its own people it loses the right to legitimacy.

    It would have been much better if Russia and China had sent over a couple of ships ... even if it was just to show Gadafi that the world stands united.

    Have the French surrendered yet ?? lol ...
  11. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    If you remember, North Vietnam came back to the bargaining table in Paris after only 2 weeks of "air power", ordered by the hated Nixon.

    And of course air superiority won WWII against Japan, after relatively small nuclear bombs were used against Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So yes air superiority can win wars, depending on the political will of those who wield it. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq - all would have caved in and surrendered if we had dropped nukes on them :P..

    If we ever do get into it with Iran, I think several nuke bunker-busters would put a permanent end to their nuclear ambitions despite their burying the facilities deep inside mountains.
  12. N. Vietnam actually surrendered. Then Jane Fornda rode in on a tank and caused their ressurection. The type of air power used against Quadafii, establishing a no fly zone and destroying a few tanks and positions, has never won a war. Ground tropps will be needed to remove Quadaffi. Of course Obama and Cinton made it very clear we would not use ground troops. had Quadaffi not known this he may have had other plans. Like moving his troops to defensive positions around his bunker instead of attacking further.
  13. knotknut said:
    Three new Navy Ships

    LOL! While I'm a staunch Democrat, I do find that hilarious.
  14. MY GOD! I leave for a few weeks and Japan is in the middle of a nuclear breakdown and the middle east is in the throws of a western backed revolution. Glad to see everything is progressing nicely.

    Alright for japan we just need some sort of reptile that feeds on radioactive wastes, remember it has to be tall enough to reach down into the reactor cores. Or some batteries for the love of god. I feel like this should have been a little more fool proof.

    As for Libya we do have some nukes that could be used up before they go to waste (HEY! some people arent lucky enough to live in a country where there are plenty of nukes to go around), Ive also heard that Japan could use a place for dumping some radioactive equipment...... I would like to see libya like i see most one night stands......For a couple of brutal hours one night then second hand from most of my friends.
  15. We'll have to see if Godzilla is available. ;)
  16. If this war was to protect civilian lives then why not engage in other countries too that crush civil uprisings by brute force?
  17. Where were the world when Robert Mugabe killed and slaughtered his people, where was the support for Zimbabwe! A country that was rich enough in resources to feed Africa, barren and desolate now, where was the international community through all this,...

    Oh wait, they were fighting over countries with OIL!

    That is all this is about!
  18. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    Europe's aging population and lack of a sustainable birthrate means that traditional "white" Europe will be finished by 2040. They are importing all their labor from the Middle East. Those immigrants have a birthrate ten times that of "traditional Europeans". Do the math. It doens't work out well.

    This may be true for western Europe, but the situation is different in eastern and, probably, northern Europe.
  19. when gaddafi didn't step down and dicided to get rid of the rebels america, britian ,franc etc immediatly raise their voice to the atrocities of gaddafi and made UN security council pass a resolution which gives them a right to bombard libya, which they did and as acolletral damage many innocent libyans died.

    but what about palestine, isreali forces have razed whole palestenian cities to the ground but NATO and america never raized an eyebrow they on the otherhand vehemently opposed any action against isreal and full full military support to isreal and made it a nuclear power which isreal threaten to use against iran and pakistan.

    and also what about kashmir hundreds of thousands of innocent kashmiris have been killed by indian millitary which has occupied kashmir illegaly. BAck in 1948 when india occupied kashmir there was a fierce battle between pakistan and india over the issue and pakistan was on top and was kicking india's ass india begged UN to intervene and stop pakistan which UN did. pakistan honoured UN cxeasefire and withdrew but india didnot stop now 60 years later idian army continue to kill innocent kashmiris and rape kashmiri women.

    and what about Bosnia

    at all these issues UN was silient America NATO was silient they didnt gave a damn about what happened to these innocent folks. now what does all this show.

    this shows that any crime commited against muslims is alright. infact killing their children old folks women and men is alright and its no big deal infact every nation should play a part in eradicating muslims of the face of the earth.

    Actually whats happening nowadays is the final crusade which will decide the fate of humanity. it seems now that west is winning but this all is false illusion which in time will wash away and when the truth will reveal itself all the people who are now happy at what is happening in the muslim world will regret the day they were born.
  20. I read that Iran is going to launch 10,000 Missiles if attacked! On You tube is that current was with the Libya getting bombed video, sucks we don't have CNN here on our tv's!

    What are all these wars over Beside Petroleum, it seems everyone has grudges!
    It Seems Canada French has power they could be involved, France Looks Dead after clash of Nations trailers, and Resident Evil 2-3, not Romania! Anyways Real Firepower looks Capt. Picard/Cartoon Mad Scientist with the Specs!
  21. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    You sir are truly a lost soul. You have been so brainwashed by that death cult that you are going to bring your own destruction and you don't even know it.

    Funny how you make no mention of the Jewish husband, wife, and 3 children (one of them 3 months old) who were stabbed to death and nearly decapitated in their own home just a couple weeks ago. An entire family lay slaughtered while the palestinians handed out candy and danced in the streets in celebration. Who the hell dances after slaughterinig an entire family with knives? No sir, that is pure evil.

    Also funny, how you decry Israel when they respond to the exploding rockets being fired deep into the heart of the country, but you do not decry the rockets being launched in the first place.

    And what about Bosnia? The USA, if you remember, sent warplanes and troops to PROTECT Muslims in that region from genocide at the hands of the Serbs!!!

    You and YOUR people need to wake the hell up and join the 21st century. If you keep screwing with us we're gonna turn that entire region into a glass parking lot.

    First of all in Islam killing an innocent is like killing the entire humanity its written in our holy book, secondly religious fanatics are in every religion who due to their ignorance and wrong interpretation of religion think that they are doing their religion a service.

    Do you know how the state of Israel came to existence? The land which nowadays is occupied by Israel belongs to Palestine. And they were forced to leave their homes and state of Israel was formed by force with the blessing of US and Nato.
    Israel doesn’t settle at that and bomb remaining Palestine and does not allow any supplies to Palestine either by land or by sea now if you were in such a situation what would you do? If your wife and children and your mother father are killed in front of you and you are kicked out of your own home what would you do?
    Why Palestinians were forced to evict their homes in the first place? Jews were living before somewhere, they had homes and jobs, why was it considered necessary to kill Palestinian Muslims and acquire their homeland by force and build an Israeli Nation on the graves of innocent Muslim men, women and children?
    If US was so sympathetic toward jews why didn’t it gave a piece of land from itself to jews to build their country?

    And you said that US sent war planes for Bosnian people, that’s all a bunch of crap. Was
    Serbia bombed like libya and Afghanistan were bombed and why would it be ? only muslims are being killed.

    And you said about screwing, well first of all CIA published its documents in which it admitted that it has overthrown many heads of state only because that didnt agree to what US is saying? Whoever says that we are living in a modern world is a fool! We are still living in the dark ages, where its OK to kill and plunder any one who doesnot agree with you. Similarly Israel sent Scientist and spies to sabotage Pakistan nuclear programme but they were caught.
    And lastly about turning us into parking lot of shattered glass, presently US and Nato with all their latest technology and modern warfare is in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    In Afghanistan only Kabul kandahar, jalalabad and a few cities are under the control of US and Nato forces and the rest of Afghanistan is under the control of Taliban and mujahedeen who only have old fashioned Kalashnikovs, grenades and rocket launchers.
    You said in you post I am being funny well then I will tell you another funny thing Certain European countries including UK and Italy has paid to Taliban to not kill soldiers of these countries. They have all the latest weaponry and satellite technology and they are paying Taliban to not heart them? Now this is something that is funny.
    You would never see any such thing on CNN and BBC because if such things came to light who will go to Afghanistan and Iraq to in this so called war against terrorism
  22. My friends I think that we need to respect each others differences and let this one go ... its a messy topic.

    I don't want to close threads in the news area when Bu only put it up a few days ago either.

    Please don't declare a jihad on me or send me to the holy inquisition either ... I am but a humble peace broker here ...

    My dad said don't discuss politics or religion unless your prepared to lose an eye.

    We all need two eyes ... its hard to drive let alone catch a ball.

    /Closes eyes

    Note: The UAE has committed planes to the no-fly zone and tha Arab League approved the thing in the first place ... they pushed for it. The UK and France drove it through and the US agreed in the end (and I would bet grudgingly too). I hardly see what any of that has to do with Israel either ...

    Lets hope the rebels get their act together and form another arab democracy.

    I'd like another tourist destination which is safe to visit thanks.

    Read this story and tell me why the writer would want to explicitely point out that one of the snipers was blonde haired and female?


    No ... it isn't.

    This whole thing was cooked up by some extremist crackpot who wants to inflame things ... as the real story behind Tunisia unfolded a very different story emerged.

    Much like the poor sensationalist reporting of the Fukushima nuclear power plant at present ... wildly disparate stories and some from "reputable" sources.

    I won't believe anything from RV after their rambling blunders over the past week... but the chinese news services have been exemplary, as has the BBC and Reuters.

    It really does pay to view your news from several sources before trying to make sense of things.

    I balance the VOA and Christian Science Monitor against Al-Jazeera, and then check the two Chines news services, and the BBC and Reuters.

    I won't believe anything I wrote about myself even If I remember things well enough to dispute what I said ... I could be wrong ... then again.
  24. i will put a lid on it as reynod says but one last thing you mentioned roshchild they solely are esposible for the presnt turmoil facing the entire world and i can prove but as i have already said i have placed the lid on top
  25. neo your a gentleman and a scholar.

    I will look it up on the interntz and have a look though.

    My point was that we should be able to discuss this rationally without getting upset.

    Life should be more like cricket.
  26. With your opponents head being the ball?
  27. Brockian UltraCricket then?
  28. I swear i learn more about world affairs here then i do on almost any other media (Except the Daily Show)
  29. What was 89mm in diameter and wighed 6.2kgs when assembled and killed two men who played with it?
  30. He got my previous point but you didn't ... lets get back ontopic.

    You won't change a lad from Islamabad's views about the world in one discussion and I am sure he won't change your US values in a hurry either.
  31. ^ IIRC we also bought Alaska from Russia for $7M, and don't forget the Louisiana purchase from France. So I guess we "stole" those areas too :P.

    I did read that some Russian politico thinks they should take Alaska back from the USA. Might be worth considering if they take Sarah Palin with it :D.

    Finally, didn't the state of Israel exist back in Biblical times? If so, then it was the Palestinians who stole the land from the original Israelis..
  32. Alaska ... what a harsh place.

    Must be tough people to want to live there.
  33. I just find other people who keep going on about them annoying ... like that Seinfeld show.
  34. I understand the disagreement but God made promises to several people over who had destiny over Israel. God triple booked the middle east.
  35. Maybe some of those people ... or all of them were hallucinating?

    That hunk of dirt doesn't look particularly appealing.

    Now if it had been Miami, Malibu, Cottesloe Beach, I'd understand.

    If we could only just get them all to play one day cricket ... I'm sure things would improve.

    If India and Pakistan can get along there is no excuse for the rest.

    This god guy needs a kick in the pants for stirring up so much trouble.

    Perhaps the planets needs some good moderators??
  36. ^ LOL - Reynod is angling for "Planetary Moderator" status now :P..

    Hmm, wasn't that the title of the Federation of Planets president??
  37. What I find interesting in today's Libya news (Dubya news??) is that now the rebels are beat-feet in retreat, the US is halting all air missions. What's up with that??
  38. I thought Obama was an official Planetary Monitor?
  39. ^ I dunno - does he have a THG Badge saying he is?? :D
  40. fazers_on_stun said:
    ^ I dunno - does he have a THG Badge saying he is?? :D

    It can be arranged. :D

    With NATO taking over though, it seems like they do not have the necessary commitments from member nations to enforce the no fly zone and protect civilians. So, the US is still heavily involved, at least equipment wise. Not to mention that Gaddafi's forces are using civilians as human shields now. Cowards. None the less, there is a bit of good news, as Gaddafi has written a letter to Obama to ask him to stop with the bombings. Word from London is that Gaddafi said he would go, but one of his equally evil sons would have to take over. I'm sure the president will oblige, so long as Gaddafi and his family, i.e. sons leave the county.
  41. O i know. We are a huge part of NATO. I was pointing out that our idea of pulling most of our forces out of the operation is kind of backfiring in the sense that the other member nations do not want any part of the operation or do not want to contribute enough resources.
  42. I studied these two links hard but could not connect them to the current topic.

    I think therefore that it is highly likely that yyk is much smarter than us so we should just nod and agree with him.

  43. I wanted to add Route YYK is currently undergoing construction and you will experience slow downs through Dec. 31. Happy New Year in advance.
  44. The talk of sending US troops into Libya (along with other international troops) is starting to gain traction. I'm all for the Libyans trying to get rid of this guy, but I'm not sure that they can do it on their own. Actually, they probably cannot. If troops are to go in, they should be under the guise of NATO or the UN. From there the objective should be simple: get rid of Gaddafi and get out.
  45. I say no western troups in Libya.

    Leave things as they are and get better intel.

    Put the Arab Nations in charge of the operation so the world can see they want to drive the solution.

    This will go a long way to healing some rifts.

    Any other altenative doesn't seem right.
  46. Ah ... I'd like to differ on a couple of things there.

    Best equipped Is a yes.

    Best trained is a no as the US has a specialisation approach to their military where other forces that have a cross-trained approach I'd argue are better when the size of a given opponent is the same.

    Just my 20 cents worth ... don't shoot me.
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