Win8 SUCKS for Gaming...accurate?

Hey guys.

Hearing a lot of **** hot Win8 sucks for gaming, but not much backing it up. Is this true? Why should I stick with Win7 for gaming? Or will Win8 be fine? ...
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  1. Windows 8 works fine, except the hot corners. If you slide your mouse to any corner and click, it will exit out of your game. This can be fixed with software that removes the hot corners, but it can be annoying. I'd stick with windows 7.
  2. Playing in full screen mode, I've never hit a hot corner as I don't think they are even active during full screen.

    I've played FC3, BO2, and I play battlefield play for free and a few other games with no issues.
  3. no, not true. those rumors have been spread by people that do not approve of microsoft's removal of the start menu, which can be returned using a third party application called start 8.

    Windows 8 makes no difference in many games, only a few do better, and is better overall, but only slightly better on the desktop without start 8 because it is geared towards touch devices.
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    abeaty1 said:
    Hey guys.

    Hearing a lot of **** hot Win8 sucks for gaming, but not much backing it up. Is this true? Why should I stick with Win7 for gaming? Or will Win8 be fine? ...

    Not in the least bit true. In fact, in all the comparison testing I have seen Windows 8 actually gains you a few frames per second over Windows 7.,3331.html

    Personally I am sticking with 7 on both my desktop and laptop for now. Mostly because I like 7 just fine and don't really want to be bothered with upgrading right now.
  5. Hi :)

    Just do a search here... in the 8 section and the gaming section...

    Yes 8 has problems with some games...

    So if you have a choice, stay with 7 until they are fixed..

    All the best Brett :)
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  7. I don't know of any problems with people running games on Win 8. TH did a comparison on game performance between the 2 O/Ss and it found little to no difference in performance. If you have purchased Windows 7 after June 2 of 2012 you can get the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $14.99 until the end of this month. I don't think it's worth buying Win 8 for increased gaming performance if your running Win 7, you'll just be disappointed.
  8. Windows 8 DOES suck for gaming. I was using Win 8 Pro for like the last 6 months and I thought everything was "fine". Started playing some new 2013 games (crysis 3, tomb raider, bioshock infinite) and was getting some mediocre framerates and alot of "hitching" problems. Was getting 20-35fps in crysis 3 on max settings, 30-60fps in bioshock infinite on max settings and tomb raider ran "OK" mostly at 60fps with max settings minus tressFX. Anyways I assumed the problems with framerate was to do with my hardware being not up to snuff anymore for 2013 games (2xGTX560ti SLI). Turns out that was NOT the case. Just re-installed windows 7 fresh tonight as a test and loaded up all the aforementioned games and EVERY game ran WAYYY smoother than while in windows 8. Crysis 3 at max settings with AA off never dipped below 35fps in windows 7 and ran nice and smooth. Whereas in Win8 it would constantly hitch and jerk even if the FPS was at 60. Moving on to bioshock infinite. MAX settings on win8 hitched and jerked and dropped to the low 30's alot. Had to turn down shadows and post processing to play it decently but still jerked around alot when looking around. On windows 7 I can run it at absolute max settings and it runs mostly at 45-60fps and nice and smooth. No hitching or jerking like before. Tomb raider also ran alot smoother and never dipped below 60fps with everything at max minus the tressFX.

    And before anyone goes on saying it was a driver issue I had all up to date drivers and everything. Win7 performed worlds better for me for gaming (especially new games) over windows 8. Some others may not have these problems or are just not aware of them cuz they have been away from windows 7 for a long time like I was. I for one am glad I decided to give 7 a test drive for a comparison. Was not expecting such a huge difference. Hope my experience can help some others :)
  9. I use it with start8 tbh its faster and better than w7 and u get better fps in games..
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